Aim of the Project
In 2019 we worked on individual concept projects to envision the future of daily life.
The same year I was trying to grow tomatoes from the seeds. It took me 5 months to grow 2 tomatoes. It was a huge effort. And I was quite motivated to work on reducing food waste in our kitchens. 
I wanted to examine the situations in which we forget food in a corner of the fridge and to find solutions that motivate us to consume these food's on time.
For ideation phase, my starting question was:
“How would it look like if the food could talk to us?”
The main interaction idea was using a shape-changing material to mimic a foods spoilage by wrinkling.​​​​​​​
I was inspired by Paper Actuator project by Morphing Matter Lab.
The final design was a food alert system located in our kitchens. 
It was designed as a DIY kit for families to build their reminders.
It consist of:
-Removable tags to tag foods,
-Leaves that gives feedback by changing its shape to remind the pre-labeled food,
-A holder that involves a timer interface. 
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