I decided to study Industrial Design when I was 13, and 5 years later I started Industrial Design Department at Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus. Spending long hours in the design section at the university library, I started thinking about the meaning in design, which made me end up becoming a user experience designer. 
After graduation, I continued my education in a joint master program both held in METU (Turkey) and TUDelft (Netherlands). I had chance to work with people from different cultures, practiced design research in a very nice academic environment. Then I wanted to see how the professional life of a UX designer looks like and I moved to İstanbul.
For the last 7 years I am learning, teaching, exploring, practicing UX design methods for companies from different industries; e-commerce, finance, insurance, traveling and consumer electronics. I facilitate workshops and also explore the social impact of design and trying to make projects around this topic.
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