Confidential project, visuals are limited.
Designing a Product Family

One of my main projects during my Arçelik journey is to be part of designing UI system for product families. 
The outputs are confidential, here I will explain my experiences during this long term project, where I closely worked with:
Industrial design team 
Graphic design team
R&D teams (hardware and software)
Product management team 
Marketing team
Our Process 
We worked as a UI team to create the shared components that will be used for all the products.
My role was to design the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher interfaces for all (low,mid,high) segments. 
There were many challenges, but the most important ones were: 
Using similar infrastructure for different brands; and creating a brand identity.
Finding a balance between our usability requirements with the limitations of lower segment LED displays. 
Creating a design guideline for TFT displays used for different types of products.
Process design of sharing design data with coding and testing team. 
Prototyping physical & digital combination interfaces.
We are getting closer to deliver the products and I am very excited to tell more about this story.
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